Reference IEE/13/393/SI2.675576
Title Towards near Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) Training in the Southern EU countries
Main Area  
Funding Framework Co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union
Funding (€) 1,364,149.00
Starting date 30 meses (de Março de 2014 a Agosto 2016)  
Principal Contractor University of Patras
Participating Institutions Instituto Superior Técnico (IST/UTL)


Web site http://www.southzeb.eu/


The SouthZEB project aims to contribute towards the nZEB goals established in the EPBD directive recast through the capacitation of the skilled workforce involved in the design of new nZEB buildings  or in the rehabilitation of existing buildings towards nZEB concept. As such the following Major Outputs and Expected Results have been established:

Major Outputs 

Within the SouthZEB project the partners will develop 10 training modules focused on the needs of nZEB specific professionals that will be provided in the target countries, in a first phase, to trainers and, in a second phase, to trainees. Below are the main outputs from the project:

  • Ten training modules: eight (8) modules for architects, engineers and municipality employees in the South EU countries which are based on recognized and successful professional development courses. Special emphasis will be paid to the building traditions of the participating countries. Two (2) special modules developed for construction management and field supervision of nZEB as well as for training decision makers in the preparation of appropriate funding schemes and other incentives for promoting nZEB;
  • A portal and an e-learning platform that will accommodate trainers and trainees in the target countries with the aim of achieving the “nZEB designer” and “nZEB trainer” certificate, but also remote participants (from any other country) that will have access to the course contents but will not make the exams;
  • Train the trainer workshops on nZEB in each target country;
  • Training sessions on nZEB in each target country during which the trained trainers act as multipliers and transmit their knowledge to target end-users;
  • Ten assessment exams, one for each of the above training modules.


Expected results

From the activities developed within the SouthZEB project the following results are expected from the project:

  • At least 150 trainers trained
  • At least 1,500 professionals trained
  • At least 3,000 user registrations in the e-learning platform