Reference PTDC/EME-PME/67658
Title Projecto de materiais celulares elastoméricos para controlo passivo de vibrações
Main Area Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Design & Materials Science and Engineering 
Funding Framework FCT/MCTES
Funding (€) 40,000.00
Starting date  
Principal Contractor Instituto Superior Técnico (IST/ULisboa)
Participating Institutions

Centro de Investigação em Estruturas e Construção (UNIC/DEC/FCT/UNL)

Web site  https://www.fct.pt/apoios/projectos/consulta/vglobal_projecto.phtml.en?idProjecto=67658&idElemConcurso=877


The latest developments in the areas of micromechanics and computer structural analysis and synthesis have lead to integrated computational methodologies that permit not only the structural design of the mechanical component but also the design of the material used in its fabrication. In this project it is proposed to extend the models of cellular/composite materials design, developed within linear material behavior, to nonlinear material cell behavior and apply them to the design of vibration isolators. The models will be developed within the general context of non-linear dynamic visco-elasticity in order to create computational tools that facilitate the design of elastomeric cellular material with improved performance in terms of dynamic stiffness and vibration attenuation. As a first application the developed computational models will be employed in the design of a new elastomeric cellular material to answer passive vibration control requirements. This application is of great interest to the auto industry because it allows the replacement of current vibration isolators made of metal and rubber by isolators with improved performance made of new functional materials. Once the cellular material is designed, a prototype of the material will be produced and tested, statically and dynamically, to validate the expected performance.