Palestra do Professor Gašper Štebe


O Professor Gašper Štebe irá dar uma palestra intitulada "Development and application of geodetic networks for deformation monitoring" no dia 9 de julho, às 14h00, na sala 4.22 do DEC.

This lecture will present an overview of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, highlighting its educational programs, research initiatives, and state-of-the-art facilities. The core focus of this presentation will be on current research endeavors, which are situated at the forefront of geodetic science. First, the development and application of geodetic networks for deformation monitoring will be discussed. These networks are crucial for detecting and monitoring deformations in various natural and man-made structures, providing critical data for ensuring structural integrity and safety. Next, the kinematic measurements utilizing robotic total stations (RTS) will be presented. This segment will cover the methodologies and benefits of using RTS for high-precision kinematic measurements, including real-world applications and case studies. The high accuracy and automation capabilities of RTS make them indispensable tools in modern geodetic practices. The integration of high-frequency kinematic measurements from RTS with low-cost inertial measurement units (IMU) will be explored. This innovative approach aims to enhance the accuracy and reliability of kinematic measurements by combining the strengths of both technologies. The theoretical framework, experimental setups, and potential applications of this integrated system will be presented, demonstrating its significance for both academic research and practical implementations.

This presentation aims to provide valuable insights into advanced geodetic techniques and their applications in civil engineering, appealing to researchers, practitioners, and students interested in the latest developments in this field.