Seminar - Prof. Nicolas Boissonnade – June 22, 2023 – 10:30am


Palestra CERIS NOVA - Programa Doutoral em Engenharia Civil

Which future for Structural Engineering design in 2023?

Data|Hora: 22.June.2023 | 10H30

Local: Edifício IX – Sala 4.17

Orador: Nicolas Boissonnade, Universidade Laval, Canadá

Nicolas Boissonnade is professor in the civil engineering department of Laval university, Canada. His field of expertise is in steel and composite structures, structural stability, computational mechanics and structural mechanics. He has an international background and has both worked and teached in many countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Canada), in academia as well as in consulting companies. He is involved in many scientific, technical and code committees in Europe and North America. As of now, his research interests focus on the Overall Interaction Concept, which stands an original, modern and computer-oriented design approach for steel and high-performance materials.