Palestra: "Steel-glass façade under blast loads"


Steel-glass façade under blast loads

Dr. Chiara Bedon, University of Trieste

28 de Março de 2014, Sala 4.14 do Ed. IX às 14h00

A glazing facade subjected to blast loads has a structural behaviour that
strongly differs from the typical response of a glazing system subjected to
ordinary loads. Consequently, sophisticated modelling techniques are required
to identify correctly its criticalities.

The seminar will present research results related to the behaviour
of a cable-supported façade subjected to high-level blast loading. Nonlinear
dynamic analysesare performed in ABAQUS/Explicit using a sophisticated
FE-model (M01), calibrated to dynamic experimental and numericalresults. The
structural effects of the total design blast impulse, as well as only its
positive phase, are analyzed. At the same time,the possible cracking of glass
panels is taken into account, since this phenomenon could modify the response
of the entire façade. Finally, deep investigations are dedicated to the
bearing cables, since subjecting them to elevated axial forces and their
collapsecould compromise the integrity of the cladding wall. Based on results
of previous studies, frictional devices differently applied attheir ends are
presented to improve the response of the façade under the impact of a
high-level explosion. Structural effects of various solutions are highlighted
through dynamic simulations. Single vertical devices, if appropriately
calibrated, allow reducing significantly the axial forces in cables, and
lightly the tensile stresses in glass panes.